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Pendo's Power

Pendo's Power

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Meet Pendo! Pendo is a six-year-old girl from Kenya’s Kibera slum. She prevents sexual abuse by teaching her friends about body autonomy, consent, safe touch, and the power of their voice! This illustrated storybook will empower both parents and children to respond to sexual abuse. Written in English and Kiswahili, children will not only learn a new language but also learn how to harness the power in their voice to speak up against sexual violence.

Pendo's Power teaches lifesaving education and empowering resources that prevent child sexual abuse. Download our free accompanying guide to help start important conversations with your children!

About the Author:
After giving birth to her daughter, Lydia Matioli wanted to ensure her daughter grew up in a world that was safe. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, Lydia was terrified that her daughter could be vulnerable to the same abuse she experienced. As a child-protection advocate, Lydia wanted to educate children to be aware of what abuse looks like, and to empower parents to build trust and establish safety measures with their children. This vision birthed Pendo’s Power, her first children’s book! Born and raised in Kibera, East Africa’s largest slum, Lydia has experienced the effects of sexual violence, lack of education, and poverty firsthand. Now serving as Freely in Hope’s Program Manager, Lydia coordinates, designs, and implements programs that exemplify best practices on ending the cycle of sexual violence. She is passionate about seeing survivors unlock and fully live out their potential. Through Pendo’s Power, Lydia hopes that children around the world will discover the power of their voices and utilize it to call out sexual abuse and build a safer world for generations to come.

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