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Redeeming Sanctuaries Resources

Redeeming Sanctuaries Resources

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1 in 3 women, 1 in 6 men, and nearly half of queer people worldwide are survivors of sexual abuse. That means that many people you know and love may have experienced abused. Sexual abuse is a devastating crime that can have a lasting impact on survivors. It can cause physical and emotional pain, making it difficult for survivors to trust others and feel safe—especially in the church. But there is hope. Christian churches and organizations play a vital role in supporting survivors and preventing sexual abuse. 

Through the Redeeming Sanctuaries event recording and resources, you will be able to: 

  • Equip your leadership and learn how to actively curb to the pervasiveness of sexual abuse in the church;
  • Learn effective and honoring ways of caring for survivors of sexual abuse through video trainings, Bible Study materials, and survivor-led education;
  • Prevent sexual abuse in your church or organization by conducting organization-wide trainings, building policy, and preaching and speaking against sexual abuse.

Over the summer in 2023, Christian leaders representing 30 organizations gathered in San Francisco to listen to the stories and solutions from survivors of sexual abuse. Redeeming Sanctuaries equips Christian leaders with the tools and resources needed to promote safety in their churches and organizations. We are making the learnings from this event accessible by providing the event recording and additional resources to equip your church or organization to prevent sexual abuse. 

“Redeeming Sanctuaries was an incredibly moving time of witnessing powerful, courageous, and wise women calling all of us, and churches especially, to stand with survivors of sexual abuse and to prevent further abuses in the very institutions and communities that are supposed to be the safest. Because of these survivor-leaders, I have great hope that change is possible.” Dorcus Cheng-Tozun, Author of Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul.

Your purchase will include:

  • Event recording (140 minutes) featuring survivors Rowena Chiu, Irene Cho, and Jean Nangwala in conversation with Bigad Shaban, NBC Investigative Reporter. You’ll learn from survivor-leaders sharing best practices in survivor care.
  • Video curriculum to educate your church or organization on survivor care and advocacy. Video curriculum is provided by Freely in Hope, Ignite Institute of Pacific School of Religion, SeminaryNow, and Sojourners.
  • Bible Studies, conversation guides, sermon series, and resources for your leadership team to prevent sexual abuse. Our resources will help you implement effective prevention strategies in your own church or organization.
  • Full access to all Freely in Hope Resources  ($200 value) including:
      • The Butterfly Effect Retreat Curriculum
      • From Silencing to Uplifting Survivors Bible Study
      • Trauma-Informed Parenting Guide
      • Pendo's Power Caregiver Guide
      • The Butterfly Hug Breathwork Exercise
      • Holistic Health Flyer Series
      • Stand with Survivors Flyer 


“I appreciate how this event brought out into the open what happens after the violation occurs. I’m struck by the comment that the trauma never goes away. I hear this and ponder this with a heavy heart. Yet, I see the resilience of the courageous, articulate speakers. I am so grateful that I was able to attend with other elders in my church to debrief and see how we might move forward as a congregation. Thank you for this important event!” Church Elder, Grace Community Fellowship Church 


Meet the Panel:

Rowena Chiu: Rowena is a Harvey Weinstein Survivor and #MeToo activist, who speaks to churches, corporations, schools, and universities around the world. After publishing a New York Times Op-Ed about her sexual assault in Oct 2019, she has featured in hundreds of media interviews, including for: BBC, CBS, NBC, Variety, and more. She is currently working on a memoir and screenplay.

Irene Cho: Irene has over 30 years of experience working with and leading youth, young adults, leaders, and families. She is a speaker, writer, and consultant for churches and organizations on engaging youth, youth culture, community development, and racial justice issues. She’s the Regional Director at Able Works and founder of InBetween.

Jean Nangwala: Jean Nangwala is a singer, speaker, creator and survivor-advocate. She was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia. Her passion for social justice stems from her personal experience of injustice and witnessing the same inequality across the globe.  She loves using music and dance to inspire others to find liberation through their art. Follow her at Tales of a Black Girl

Meet the Hosts: 

Bigad Shaban: Bigad Shaban is an award-winning investigative reporter for NBC Bay Area. Bigad has been recognized for his work by several news organizations, including the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Louisiana Associated Press, Society of Professional Journalists, Florida Associated Press, and the Iowa Broadcast News Association.

Nikole Lim: Nikole Lim is a speaker, educator, and author of the book, Liberation is Here. As the Founder and International Director of Freely in Hope, Nikole teaches organizations, corporations, and academic institutions on best practices for survivor care and anti-sexual violence policy. She is currently a student of Embodied Psychotherapy and Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science.

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